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Small Businesses

Small Business is the engine room of the EG community.   These businesses are critical to EG’s growth because they provide opportunities for entrepreneurs to create meaningful, local jobs enabling people to work and live in our community. The very basis of small businesses is
supporting friends and neighbours, and they often offer a more diverse inventory or more personalized customer experience.

The last few years have pushed all of our local businesses to the brink. If that time has taught us one thing, it is that innovation and the ability to pivot are keys to continuing to build and maintain a thriving small business community. With my experience both in working with small businesses in my banking career, and running my own small businesses (The Cage is one), I know I can help our communities' businesses continue to  flourish and grow. 

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Our East Gwillimbury Seniors

​Over the past few years I have heard over and over from our communities’ seniors how hard it is to age in the community where they've raised their families. We’ve made great strides in adding more housing designed for seniors at various levels of care, and for programing through the 55 N’ Up Club, but I believe there is still much more to be done. There still isn't enough housing, and there isn't enough programming and daily support for seniors. I know that I chose to live here in EG because I want to make a home and a life here. I want to stay as long as I can in my home and the community that I love and I’m going to work really hard to make sure that happens for everyone.

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safe communities

In speaking with residents and reading community message boards, I am hearing that safety is front of mind for all. I am hearing about speeding and safety on the roads. I am hearing about car break-ins at night and I am hearing about illegal cannabis operations in our rural areas. Everyone wants to feel safe in their home and on their streets. I think we all feel like we live in a safe and supportive community. There are some great programs to help with this and strong partnerships with YRP and First Responders is essential. I have kids in this community (now driving) and their safety takes up a lot of my headspace. If I am honoured to be your voice on council, I will be very focused on ensuring safety for all our kids and families.


Parents looking for affordable programs

for their kids and teens

Affordable is a word you will hear a lot from me. I don’t need to tell anyone how expensive things are. Inflation is making the monthly budget tougher and tougher to balance. As your representative, I want to be sure that we keep programs for kids, teens, families, and seniors affordable. Being part of programs is not only good for physical health, but also critical for our mental health. Being out in the community, engaging with people, learning new skills and getting out of the house is what community building is all about. It just simply has to be affordable. (Pictured here is my amazing husband - volunteer coach - as he was for many years.)

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People experiencing food insecurity

I have been volunteering at our local food pantries for 7 years. I know that we have residents that are having trouble putting food on the table. As a mother I can’t even imagine the feeling of going to bed knowing that I couldn’t give my family a proper wholesome meal. Prices and
inflation are making food insecurity even more prevalent in our communities. We have amazing food pantries in EG, but more can be done to continue to help them grow and make more of an impact in our community! I am committed to continuing to be a voice for this issue. No one should be forced to choose between food and keeping a roof over their heads. (Pictured here are our amazing team of volunteers at the HLFP)



Our Ward was built and grown by our farming community. My Dad was raised on a farm (pictured here), and I grew up spending time on my Grandparents’ farm. I don't want to seem like I know how to run a farm (far from it), but what I do know is that farms build solid families (like mine), communities and economies (like ours). Those farms are big businesses that involve great risk with unpredictable weather and pricing. The local family farm is not only a tradition here, they are also a hub for innovation and environmental protection. Smaller family farms are able to implement water and soil stewardship plans much quicker than large commercial farms. They have a great respect for ecosystems and biodiversity. At the end of the day, farms feed us all. Supporting our farmers is critical to supporting this community. I am committed to being a voice for farms at our Council table.


the environment

I was talking to a friend of mine and she said, “You know we don’t get nice spring rains anymore. It's either dry or we get a huge rain storm.” These are palpable changes we can feel in our everyday life. If this is what we can feel now, what is awaiting our children and
grandchildren? There is a thought that focusing on environmental policy needs to cost a lot of money. People also think there is no middle ground. I don't think either of those are true. Little things and little actions matter. As a past Secretary of the Environmental Advisory Committee, we constantly looked for ways to increase awareness and educate the community. We can protect the environment without draining town resources. I will work very hard to find that path and make sure we can all walk or cycle it together!

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Community History/Traditions

& our New EG Residents

Right alongside affordability, community building is near and dear to my heart. I’ve been fortunate enough to be part of a number of community groups that safeguard our history and traditions. These organizations are constantly looking at ways to engage our long-standing residents and the new families that have chosen Ward 3 to live and grow. As our community grows (and it inevitably will grow)

I will be constantly on the lookout for ways to protect the history and traditions that built this community. I will also work hard to engage new members of our community to be part of those things that make our Ward great AND ask them to offer their ideas and insights for our collective future. (Picture here I am at a local annual Christmas traditional carol sing)

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